Lubbock County Sheriff's Office Called to Serve Homeless Families

Lubbock County Sheriff's Deputies arrived at Hope House bearing gifts, holiday treats, food, clothing, warm hearts and loving smiles!  They were welcomed by both staff and families in the program and embraced as part of our family. 

The children enjoyed exploring the vehicles and sounding the sirens, coloring and being carried in the arms of law enforcement!  Presents were distributed and as the families names were called, parents walked up to the Deputies with a child-like excitement to claim their presents. 

News Channel 11 and 28 were present to capture the highlights of the event which was televised on the evening news!  One of the Deputies interviewed stated, "Law enforcement going to a home, removing people, removing loved ones, that makes a an impact on kids."  So, in doing this we share a positive reaction, a positive feeling of them getting to touch us, touch or clothes, our patches, you know, look at our vehicles.  They get an understanding of who we are, and that we do come with love." 

The families at Family Promise continue to struggle as they face head-on the challenges of homelessness; but thanks to volunteers such as Lubbock County Sheriff's Office we are able to continue with our mission of providing help and hope during one of the most difficult times of their lives.

The Lubbock Sheriff's Office made a positive impact in the children's lives and those of their parents, bringing joy, hope and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.  The kindness and generosity of this amazing group of Deputies was truly remarkable!  Thanks for making a difference!