Who Can Family Promise Help?

Families with children under the ages of 18 are eligible for a 35 to 60 day program if there is no evidence of drug or alcohol use and if the parents are able and willing to work on an organized plan for self-sufficiency. A criminal background check is required, and families are told about our random drug testing policy. Families may be eligible for weekly extensions if their plan, developed individually with the case manager/counselor, shows that they are making progress but that additional time is necessary to achieve full independence and maximum stability.

Refer a Family

Referrals are provided to families depending upon need for food and hygiene products, utilities, transportation and rental assistance. Shelter referral is provided to those families who do not meet our criteria or are unwilling to adhere by Family Promise's guidelines. Shelter programs are limited to the Salvation Army and a program at Children's Home of Lubbock. We also refer to 211 Texas, a resource and referral line.

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