A New Life In Lubbock


In September of 2015, Chris, Nina, AND THEIR two young children, left their small hometown in search of a better life.  They hoped to find full-time employment and housing, but too soon were faced with barriers that prevented them from becoming self-sufficient.

Their plan of living with relatives until they could get on their feet had sounded like an excellent idea, but as the months went by, they found themselves still struggling.  It wasn't easy depending on rides to job searches and interviews.  Weeks later they found themselves still unemployed and trying to hold on to the little money they did have.  They soon realized they had become totally dependent on others; they needed help!  Nina remembers this being one of the most difficult times of their lives. This was the turning point in the lives of Chris and Nina.  Determined to make a change, Chris called Family Promise. In doing so they discovered a place they could go to and call home while working to get back on their feet. 

Within the week they found employment and With the help and guidance of the case manager they started a savings plan.  Chris hoped to save enough money to buy a car but KNEW that his greatest obstacle was not having a drivers license. With help and encouragement from staff and volunteers he studied and passed his test and did so after only 2 attempts!  That day he gained a new sense of confidence and independence!   

Through weekly life skill workshops Nina and Chris began to have a better understanding of budgeting their money.  the importance of paying their bills first and saving whatever was left over became clear to them.  After a few short months, they had saved over $3,000.

Nina said, “We were able to save so much money that we could afford deposits on our home and utilities and even buy a few nice things for our children!”

On the day Chris and Nina left, they were all smiles.  They had signed on their lease and were excited about cooking dinner together in their very own place!  Nina's voice was filled with excitement as she said, “I really don’t know where we would be right now without the help of Family Promise.”

A few days after leaving the program they returned to the day center,  in their very own shiny red car.  It wasn’t new, but it was theirs and it was paid for! 

Chris and Nina have LONG left our program but they RETURN to visit from time to time.  They REMAIN EMPLOYED AND continue to see the importance of working to provide for their two young children. We wish this young family continued success and much happiness.