Leaving Homelessness Behind: FOR GOOD

Erica & Caden

Erica & Caden

In January 2015, Erica, a single mom and her infant son Caden, came to Family promise seeking help.    They were barely surviving on the little money she earned as a cosmetologist. They were homeless and were moving from friend to friend to find a place to sleep.  Within a week of entering the FPL program, Erica was able to enroll Caden in daycare and quickly found a full time job at a fast food restaurant. 

While in the program Erica attended workshops which provided her with parenting and budgeting classes.  She continued to save her money and eventually was able to buy car insurance for her car and months later moved into an apartment. 

Erica has been living independently for well over a year.  During this time she changed careers and is now in a supervisory capacity for one of the world's largest retail stores. During her free time she earns extra income by putting her cosmetology skills to practice.  Erica remains grateful for the help she received while at Family Promise.  She called recently and volunteered to prepare a meal for the families in the program. and has given back by donating clothing and shoes that Caden has outgrown.

Erica is an inspiration to all!  She overcame the challenges of homelessness and left homelessness behind for good.