Alli came to Lubbock in March of 2016 in search of a fresh start for herself and her three young children.  While in the Family Promise program, she immediately obtained child care which allowed her to start seeking employment.  Alli was hired at a local restaurant and later with the help of a volunteer was hired at a law firm where she was well paid and had the opportunity for upward mobility.  She was able to pay off a previous loan, repair her car and even made arrangements to pay off a student loan so she could return to school. 

Immediately upon entering the program, Alli found a church home and began attending weekly worship services, bible study and has since rebuild her relationship with God.

While in the program, Alli received much guidance and encouragement from her case manager, staff and the many volunteers from our network of churches and the Lubbock community.  She quickly restructured her life and was able to regain her self-sufficiency and moved into permanent housing. 

Alli remains very grateful for the support she received in her journey to a new start.  Like most families she willingly shared her gifts and her story with others.  When asked to be a guest speaker at our Annual Community Luncheon, she nervously but willingly said yes.  We gave her encouragement and told her Alli, you got this and she did!  She moved many hearts with her testimony and motivated many to start volunteering. Like many former guests, Alli stops by to visit from time to time and shares exciting news about her family and of her most current successes. She recently reached out to Family Promise to donate Christmas present to the current families in the program. 

While at Family Promise, Alli listened and sang along to praise and worship music every morning.  We miss her joyful words of thanksgiving and her favorite exclamation of praise, THANK YOU JESUS. 

We love you Alli, Abbi,,Mylie & JoJo.