Happy Endings Do Happen

Amanda came to Family promise “a broken person” with nowhere to turn. She was in the middle of a divorce and her husband was abusive so she and her children moved to WPS. After being unable to get on her feet while at WPS, she and her children ended up in her father’s living room with no electricity. Her children slept on the couch and recliner while she slept on the floor.

As a child Amanda experienced homelessness on more than one occasion. She recalls standing on the corner with a sign begging for money and sleeping in a cardboard box with a lady and her cats. She knew that she had to do something so that her children would not have the same experiences and that is when she decided to call Family Promise.

While at Family Promise, Amanda was able to provide stability for her children in a loving environment. She was given the tools and resources that she needed to become financially stable and she continued to take the necessary steps to get her family back to a safe, stable place of their own. Her children were provided with coping skills and an abundance of new friends. Amanda was able to pay off debt and now she owns her own mobile home and no longer has to worry about where her children are going to sleep.

“This program is God-sent in every way,” Amanda said.

Amanda graduated Family Promise in early 2017. Since then, she has not only kept a roof over her and her children’s heads, she has received a promotion at work, purchased a new vehicle and enrolled in college. Her girls are in Girl Scouts and her son is on the school basketball team. Amanda also frequently comes back to Family Promise to volunteer her service.