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June 29, 2018

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Here's one reason why Family Promise exists.

This precious newborn, was only 2 days old when she came into our program two weeks ago. We are so excited to welcome this beautiful, healthy baby girl who takes the honor of being the youngest guest in the history of Family Promise of Lubbock.
Here is one reason why the work at Family Promise is so important. 
This baby lives in a safe haven. She will feel the sense of security, share a room with her mom and her young brother, and she will not lack for the basic necessities of a warm milk bottle, pampers, wipes or clothing. She and her family will be able to leave homelessness behind in a few short months and transition into their very own home.

Her mom is doing well, although we are not surprised that she seems to be suffering from sleep deprivation! Mom is totally enjoying her newborn daughter. Soon mom will join the workforce to take the necessary steps to becoming self-sufficient. In the meantime, Family Promise is paying all the uncovered expenses for mother, baby, and brother. Maybe you, or your organization or congregation, would like to help with these expenses. Please send your donation to Family Promise, P.O. Box 1258 Lubbock Tx, 79408. You can designate your donation to go to baby’s expenses.

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Please pray for this family to feel the welcoming hospitality of staff and the volunteers who work year-round to offer help and ope to children and parents experiencing homelessness.

Because every child deserves a home.


Have a wonderful summer!!

Doug Morris, Executive Director