The problem of poverty is complex. It won't yield to a simple solution or a quick fix. It requires an integrated approach that begins with meeting immediate needs but reaches much further to help people achieve independence and to alleviate the root causes of poverty.


Family Promise of Lubbock ~ A community response to the problem of family homelessness.

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A New Beginning

“Ever since my son was born, we’ve been homeless; moving from friend-to-friend, house-to house. And now, my son has his very own place to call home.”

During their stay with us, Stacy was able to accomplish a great deal for herself and her infant son, Ryder. She identified realistic short and long-term goals and consistently communicated and worked with her case manager, Keely. Her short-term goals included: saving money, getting a car, maintaining employment, retaining child care for Ryder, and finding and procuring an apartment. We are happy to share that Stacy achieved every one of these goals. By maintaining employment with her job at a law office and utilizing all the resources Family Promise extended to her and her son, Stacy was able to develop the habit of saving money. In fact, she saved most of her income during her time at Family Promise. With her hard-earned savings, Stacy was able to reach a personal goal of hers, that being – becoming independent and self-sufficient. This was made a reality by her acquiring and moving into her own apartment. All of us here at Family Promise are joyful for and proud of Stacy. She shared with us that she will soon begin working on one of her long-term goals. That being, to become a para-legal. We are excited that we will not be saying goodbye, as we will be following-up with, and working with Stacy in Family Promise’s newly implemented “After-Care Program”.


A Family No Longer Homeless

Brenda is a veteran of the United States Air Force. After serving her country, she endured many hardships, setbacks and heartbreak. She and her three beautiful children were left homeless. When she entered Family Promise she had nowhere else to turn. But, during her stay at Family Promise, she began to blossom. She studied for and earned her very first driver’s license. She now has a vehicle of her own and drives her children to school and daycare. Most importantly, she drives herself to her new full-time job. Because of the generosity of many donors, Brenda was able to buy her children Christmas presents for the first time in 3 years!

This week she and her family moved into their own home. She and her children are now living the lives that God intended for them. Everyone at Family Promises wishes Brenda and her family the very best.

2018 Open House

Everyone had a nice time at the 2018 Open House. Below are a few pictures from the event.

Keeping the Promise Gala, November 8, 2018

The gala was a great success with well over 300 in attendance. The Dance Gallery provided entertainment and our Guest Speaker, Karen Olson, told of how she first began Family Promise in her home of New Jersey and how it has continued to grow to this very day. Kase Wilbanks did a great job as our MC for the evening and the attendees seemed quite happy to hear their verbal feedback. Thanks to everyone for coming out to support this wonderful mission. Some photos from the event are below:

SAVE THE DATE: November 8, 2018, we will have our 2018 Gala at the Overton Hotel in Lubbock, TX.  We hope to see you there.

Blessing of the Spirit House

On July 19, 2018 at 1:30 PM Family Promise of Lubbock celebrated the addition of a new home for homeless families.

Pregnant and homeless women have few options when living on the streets. The new space at Family Promise is designed to house these homeless expectant mothers. They will continue to stay after the birth of their babies; therefore, each bedroom is fully furnished and contains a baby bed. 

Holy Spirit Catholic Church, recognizing the need to assist expectant mothers living on the streets provided the funding to renovate a space that had previously been used as storage. The remodeled space now has two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a utility room and a living room.  

Father Rudi Crasta delivered a blessing s the remodeled facility opened its doors to the homeless in Lubbock. 

The Family Promise Pregnancy Care Program provides expectant mothers with safe housing, food and classes designed to help these mothers during their pregnancy. After the mother gives birth, Family Promise continues to provide safe housing, food, baby supplies such as diapers, wipes and clothing. Classes are continued to help mother and baby begin life together with a strong foundation. Mother and baby remain in the program until the mother can find employment, financial stability, and a new place to call home.

"The number of homeless families continues to grow," said Doug Morris, Executive Director of Family Promise. "Here, families can stay together, they aren't separated as happens in many shelters, so they can work together to overcome their problems and build their future together."

There is never a charge to families while they live at Family Promise. A network of 26 churches of all denominations throughout Lubbock provide meals each day as well as mentors for families.

The event was well received in the community and many news outlets ran stories about the Blessing of The Spirit House. Here are some more video clips as well as some photos from the event.

Everything Lubbock

The Avalanche Journal of Lubbock ran an article - 


Here are some pictures Taken at the Blessing of The Spirit House

Here are some pictures from inside The Spirit House where our guests will reside.

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Homeless Court

Creates "Homeless Court" To Help Those Struggling With Misdemeanor Offenses And Warrants

Champions for Children

Family Promise was awarded the 11th Annual Early Learning Center Champions for Children Award for the positive and lasting impact made of the lives of young children.

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